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New Zealand is made for motor cycling with roads that are best travelled on two wheels within one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has a range of scenery for any traveller, ranging from Sub Tropical rain forests, Alps, Volcano’s, active Thermal areas and glaciers. Wind swept coastlines, high country plains, white sand beaches, stunning river gorges and more mountains to traverse than you can count. The city and towns vary as much as the scenery ranging from cosmopolitan to historic mining and forestry villages, early French settlements and back country pubs. 

Often called the Shaky Isle’s, due to its seismic activity, it has had a number of modern and historic rebuilds, one of which caused the reconstruction of Napier, being one of the few Art Deco cities left in the world. You can get up front and personal with the wild life, keas, dolphins, whales, seals and sharks. State of the art and historic museums, along with must see tourist destinations and gastronomic delights. Some of the best golf courses for those inclined. Fresh or salt water fishing experiences that make the BBQ that night so enjoyable.With all this on offer, it is no wonder that it is referred to as the mecca for motorbike riding.

New Zealand looks small on a map. It isn’t. It is the same length as the USA western sea board from Vancouver to Mexico and whilst narrow, the road time is longer than many other countries due to the winding nature of the roads crossing this stunning scenery.

New Zeland Motorbike Tour

Evan has travelled over 300,000kms in the last 20 years, guiding and exploring the roads of New Zealand by motorbike. There are few roads he hasn’t been on and he knows where to take you for the best experience of this amazing country

Our tours try to focus on areas that are off the beaten track, to maximise your enjoyment of the scenery and have the ability to meet the locals. Rather than try to cover the whole country and miss out on so much, the idea is to target an area and absorb the tourist and non-tourist experience.
Come with us, see the places that so many others ride or drive past, and leave with a desire to come back for the next ride and a new area.

On all tours you can either ride your own or rent a bike

A few details

We aim to make your tour with us not just amazing but easy as possible too!



Airfares are not inlcuded but flights can be arranged if required


Travel Insurance is necessary to protect yourselves from financial loss due to any unexpected situations beyond your control.

The Accommodation

We have secured good rates with Motels and Hotels we stay at we have used for many years.

Rental Bike options

All late models. A large range of models and brands to choose from.

Tour Books

All tours include comprehensive tour books for your journey.

Shipping a bike

We can secure a space in container and provide bases for your bike. Please allow 6 weeks either way for shipping. Helmets, jackets, boots can also be shipped.

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